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About Jon Crowe

It is said that Jon was born with a marker in his hand, and all through his childhood years he got into trouble for drawing on everything other than art paper. He hardly ever turned in homework or a test without doodles in the margins. On a family vacation to San Diego as a teen, Jon saw the artists at SeaWorld drawing caricatures and was immediately hooked. A few years later, when he moved to San Diego as a college student, he got a job at SeaWorld and learned to draw the caricatures he had seen years earlier. This opened the door to draw at SeaWorld, Legoland and several other theme parks across the USA, as well as hundreds of corporate events and private parties. The opportunity to draw celebrities and people all around the world has allowed Jon to travel and meet amazing people. Jon currently lives in Arizona with his wife and four kids, and their two dogs. And a cat.